Protection and care for humans and animals

gr-family2002Outstanding about ZEDAN: In contrast zu most other brands, who have a different product for each user (humans, horses, dogs, cats etc.) and each range of application (mosquitos, horse flies etc.), although the formulation differes only slightly or not at all, there is only one ZEDAN for humans and animals.

ZEDAN for children, allergic persons, sport horses, dogs and cats - allways naturally effectiv and naturally mild!




In the recent years we have added to our ZEDAN-assortment some products which are developed especially for the need for care of humans, but can be used for animals also.


  • protects humans and animials naturally from flies, midges (mosquitos), ticks,horseflies
  • only natural active ingredients and odours
  • confirmed skin tolerabilty
  • proven for over 20 years

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