ZEDAN SP Natural Insect Protection for humans

gr-fliege1ZEDAN SP* is the natural repellent lotion against insects and consists only of biodegradeable active ingedients and odour substances.

  • Natural Geraniol ensures extreme effectiveness against stinging and biting insects, such as flies, ticks, gnats,midges and other insects.
  • High quality oils of walnut, sesame and avocado make ensure a special skin care
  • Repeated dermatological tests confirm the exceptional skin tolerability
  • Also for pregnant women and children older than 2 years
  • Only natural active ingredients and odours
  • proven for over 20 years

Application: Spread evenly on uncovered skin. Repeat if neccessary.


Please see also our skin care products of the ATABA-series (creme, shampoo, deodorant etc.)! 



ZEDAN SP 50 ml Roll-on

The practical ZEDAN SP roll-on protects and cares with additional Aloe Vera, particularily mild, and practical when you are out and about.

  • 50 ml roll-on

ZEDAN SP 100 ml Insectprotection

in an attractive display

Proven skinprotection in a practical 100 ml travel size for being out
and about – optional with spray-pump or screw-on lid.
  • 100 ml 
  • 100 ml spray

ZEDAN SP big-packs with 500 ml, 1 and 5 liters

for large-scale consumers such as groups, riders, pet owners, travellers and so on or for refill of empty bottles.

 nat-ins-500ml  nat-ins-1000ml
  • 500 ml 
  • 1000 ml

Refill-system for large-scale consumers

in the environment-friendly 5 liters-bag-in-box (with empty spraybottle)

  • 5000 ml 
*Repellents to be used safely. Read the label and product information before usage.
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